Heirloom Handcrafts

Craftsmanship with future generations in mind

About Heirloom Handcrafts

Heirloom Handcrafts is a small-scale operation. As such, we will not be the fastest or the cheapest. Skipping any short-cuts, we use time-honoured joinery methods, mostly done by hand.

Our customers value quality and attention to detail and products that will last.

Furthermore, our customers hold the same values we do: We do not subscribe to the philosophy of consumptive materialsm  or the filling of land-fills with low-grade disposable furniture and implements.

The following values guide our practice:

  • The preservation of craft traditions;
  • Care for the environment; and
  • Ethical and fair trade.

Our business ethos is beautifully summarised by the argument of Jeff Van Duzer, of Seattle Pacific University,

He says profit ought not to be the ultimate aim of business, but only the means of its sustainability.

The purpose of business, he says, is two-fold:

  • “To provide goods and services that a community needs to flourish”
  • “To provide opportunities for individuals to express aspects of their God-given identities through meaningful and creative work.”

David Duncan